IT Requirements & Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017 08:04PM UTC

Having trouble using Thunder? This page will provide you with information about our IT requirements, common issues, and how to solve them. Read through or click to jump ahead:


Supported web browsers and devices


Thunder is tested to support the latest version of every browser release. To ensure full compatibility, we recommend updating to the newest version of your preferred browser as well as installing the latest plug-ins of Java & HTML5.

As of our latest software update, we support the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

*We do not support IE8. Additionally, our ads trafficked through our audience extension platform do not serve on IE8. 

The following devices are supported in the following environments:

  • Thunder Local Ad Creator: Web, Tablet

  • Thunder Creative Studio: Web

  • Menu navigation & stats page: Web, Tablet


What to do if your ad won't load

Ensure that you do not have any 3rd party ad blocker extensions installed on your computer that may be preventing your ad from loading & that you are using an up-to-date web browser


Error message: "Website error"

This error means that our tool was unable to verify your website. Ensure that the website URL is valid and free of any typos then click "Yes, Continue" to proceed.



Error message: "Please fix marked errors"

Ensure that you have completed all fields and that special-format fields such as a ZIP/Postal code are formatted properly (i.e. no spaces).



Rich Text Hacks

Prior to the release of Rich Text, these text code workarounds may have been used in place of Rich Text:
  • Line Breaks <br>
  • Superscript <sup>
  • Non-breaking space <&nbsp> 

After the release of Rich Text, those workarounds will still work on any campaigns. However, upon clicking on a text asset, it will become exposed. For example, clicking on a text box that is using a line break code workaround will look like this:

To fix this, simply remove the code from the text asset:

This exposed code will only appear if you click into a text field that was utilizing the code workaround.  If left alone, the exposed code will not appear  on  your campaign.