Ad Requirements & Prohibited Content

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016 08:59PM UTC

Campaigns in PaperG must comply with the creative auditing standards of our ad network partners. This includes requirements around creative size, file type, and the type of content. Read through or click to jump ahead: 

Please send any questions regarding Creative Ad Standards to our operations team at

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 to view a full list of our creative auditing standards.


Display Ad Requirements

  • The following file types are supported for custom upload:JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF, & HTML iFrame tag
    • JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF: Maximum file size is 40KB web/10KB mobile
    • HTML iFrame tag: Maximum file size is 65KB/65KB mobile
    • Many modern browsers have recently made the decision to block flash ads from automatically playing. Therefore we recommend image upload for static images or HTML iFrame tag for animated banners.  
  • Animation must stop after 15-30 seconds (no looping)
  • Creatives must match the following sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 728x90, 320x50 (Mobile)
    • We strongly suggest you include a 300x250 ad size in every campaign as it is the most popular
  • Creative must have a distinct border to clearly identify where the page ends, and advertisement begins
  • Ads must take up the entire space of the chosen image size and cannot expand beyond that size
  • Ads can't appear sideways or upside down. Ads can't be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or appear to be more than one ad.
  • Ads cannot have fake or simulated HTML interactivity (ex. drop down menus, search boxes, etc.)
  • Ads cannot mislead the user or trick a user into clicking the ad. For example, they may not mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages, etc.
  • Ads cannot mimic news headlines in design, tone, 3rd person sentence structure, or topic
  • No strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads
  • Ad images must be clear and recognizable, with legible text
  • Video and audio not allowed

Prohibited Content

  • Ad must not contain prohibited content, such as pornography, nudity, obscenity, and other “adult” content, gambling, bombs, guns, ammunition, or other weapons, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, or drug paraphernalia, offers that charge for government forms or services that are available free or for a lesser, charge from the government, violent or defamatory content, hate speech. 
  • Ad must contain the business name or logo
  • Business name/logo in ad must match the business name/logo on the landing page
  • Landing page must work (cannot be broken or under construction)
  • Exact offer in creative must be actionable on the landing page