Welcome the NEW Local Ad Creator

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016 04:07AM UTC

Welcome to the NEW Thunder Local Ad Creator!  
Our new platform is designed to make it even easier and quicker to create awesome looking display ad campaigns. This page will introduce you to the core concepts of the new Local Ad Creator. Read through or click on any link to learn about a feature in greater detail:

Changing the view layout

You can change the ad size view layout by selecting the “Grid-view” or “List-view” options from the view selector.


Navigating between frames and ad sizes

Tip: Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to easily navigate between frames

Customizing your ad design

You can customize your ad design and the content in your ad design by selecting from the panel on the left.

Click to learn more about each feature:

Finishing your ad design

To learn more about the share page see here

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Toggle Between Frames 
  2. Toggle Between Ad Units (*in list view only)
  3. Help Overlay