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Last Updated: Dec 08, 2014 04:22PM UTC

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Audience Extension

Q: Where can I get a tearsheet? 
If you would like a tearsheet to be queued for your campaign, please send a request to with campaign name and ID (6-digit number). For more information, see here.

Q: Can I extend my campaign?
A: If your campaign is live you cannot change the end date. For a workaround, see here

Q: Can I cancel my campaign? 
Yes, but once the campaign is canceled, there isn't a way to restart it unless you clone the campaign. For instructions on how to cancel your campaign, click here.

Q: How do I edit a live campaign?
A: Creative changes to the ad can be made at any time. To see how to do so, see here.

If you need to make changes regarding targeting, campaign dates, impressions, etc. please send an email to with the campaign name and ID (6-digit number) to see if we are able to accommodate your request. 

Q: Where can I find the retargeting pixel? 
It can be found on the "Stats" page of your campaign. For detailed instructions on where to find the retargeting pixel, see here.

​Q: How do I share the stats page? 
You can share your stats with your client by following the instructions here.

Q: My impressions are low, should I be worried?

A: Fluctuation in pacing is normal and we guarantee requested impressions by the end date of the campaign. 

Q: Can I target more than 3 radius points? 
A: Yes! Please send an email to with your request. Please include the campaign name and ID (6-digit number). 

Q: The dashboard price is incorrect, will I be charged this amount?
A: No! The price on the dashboard is for internal purposes and is intended to serve as a reference point. If you would like to have it changed please email with the campaign ID and the changes you would like to have made.

Q: Can we run mobile only campaigns? 
A: Not at this time, mobile campaigns are complimentary to desktop campaigns.

Q: What qualifies as a 'hover?' 
A: A hover will be tracked anytime a viewer's mouse scrolls over the ad. Multiple hovers will not be tracked for the same viewer. 

Q: What do the campaign statuses mean? 
A: Draft = campaign is still in the ad creation process
Awaiting Approval = campaign is submitted and the ad tags are ready
Pending = campaign has been approved and is waiting to go live
Active = campaign is live
Expired = campaign has ended.
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